Family Resources Shared with MPPFC

Every so often, the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children receives suggestions of information and resources to share with our readers. Below, you will find a list of links that have been shared with us recently. Please let us know if you find them useful so we can provide appropriate feedback!

“I know how important kids’ health and safety is to parents (being one myself), and I’ve found lots of great, informative resources on the subject. I’m passing them on to you because I thought you’d like to share them with your readers.” Paige Johnson,


“I am just writing to say how much I appreciate that you created a section on your website all about special needs and people with disabilities. It was extremely thoughtful of you to share this information for families in need. I have a special needs brother and have a blog for families with children with autism and I know how much this extra effort means to families with special needs kids.” Elena McDermott,

For local information, please see our Resources page here.

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