Recycle old calendars into classroom art

Let’s be honest — decorating your classroom with developmentally-appropriate materials can be a challenge. But did you know that finding appropriate materials and resources is one of the many ways that the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children’s Technical Assistance staff can assist your facility?

The TA staff is available to assist with things such as understanding licensing requirements, resources on how to open up a new child care facility, trainings, managing challenging behaviors, and more. The best part? Their help is completely free! Call the Partnership at 252-758-8885 and ask about our TA services to learn more.

Finding appropriate materials to decorate your classroom with can be a challenge, especially on a small or even nonexistent budget. One of our Parents As Teachers educators was up for the challenge, however, and we wanted to pass along her wonderful idea! All you’ll need is some scissors, old calendar pages, and a frame. If you don’t have a frame, don’t worry — you can use colorful construction paper around the edges instead!

Check out the photos below to see what Dori used to turn old calendar pages into works of art for her office walls!

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