Partnership Changes Service Offerings

Due to the increase in COVID-19 infections across the county and state, the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children’s Resource Room will be ending in-person services and returning to curbside pick-up only beginning January 4, 2021. It is our hope that this change will allow us to reduce the likelihood that our staff will be impacted by the virus, and therefor remain able to serve families and child care providers in our community throughout the pandemic. We will also continue to offer virtual professional development trainings for families, child care providers, and the community as a whole. 

Beginning January 4, 2021, the Resource Room will offer curbside pick-up services Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. As of right now, we are not offering service after 5 p.m. To utilize the Resource Room’s services, you must have or purchase a current membership. The $25 discounted rate for annual Professional Memberships will end January 8, 2021. After January 8, the rate will return to $40 per year for Professional Memberships. 


Scheduling Resource Room Services

Our Resource Room will be offering lamination, printing and copying, die-cuts, and bulletin board paper for pick-up. To schedule a drop-off or pick-up of items for our Martin County office, please call 252-789-4911. To schedule a drop-off or pick-up of items for our Pitt County office, please call Tiffany Dent at 252-758-8885. For printing services in Pitt County, please email Tiffany at In order to complete your service request, your email MUST include: 

  • The document you would like copied or printed 
  • The number of copies you need
  • Any instructions (black and white, double sided, etc.)


Resource Room Item Completion Schedule

We anticipate that returning to curbside service will impact our staff’s ability to provide same-day turnaround services. Please allow one to two business days for dropped-off materials to be completed. For drop-offs that contain more than the daily allotment, please allow additional time for completion. In order to serve as many people as possible, we will be enforcing the daily materials limits listed in our membership agreements. For a copy of your membership agreement, please contact our office.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Instructions

When you arrive at the Partnership offices, please park in front of the building and call 252.758.8885 (Greenville) or 252.789.4911 (Williamston). A member of our staff will then provide instructions on how to pick-up or drop-off your items.

We ask that you please wear a mask when interacting with our staff to help prevent the spread of germs. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, have a pending COVID-19 test, have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, have a fever, or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID, please delay your drop-off or pick-up. Due to the small size of our staff, any required quarantine by a staff member will have a drastic impact on our ability to offer services.

Please help us keep ourselves, our members, and our communities as safe as possible. Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding, and cooperation over the last several months as we work together to continue supporting parents and families in our communities. We look forward to returning to in-office services as soon as possible. Until then, stay healthy, and thank you all for your service to families and children in our community.

A Bright Future for Every Child in Our Community