Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Giving your child the gift of early childhood education will change their world for the better. The Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children funds programs in quality early childcare and learning in order to give your child to the education they deserve. The early years of a child’s life provide the foundation for their future development, so the importance can not go unrecognized. 

To put the importance of early childhood education into perspective, those who do not receive an education in their early years score lower on reading tests than those who do receive an education early on. They are also more likely to struggle with substance abuse and delinquent behaviors in their early adult years. 

Here are some key benefits that come along with early childhood education:


Having a safe environment to socialize with other people, other than family, provides the foundation for the benefits to follow. The earlier you introduce your child to other children, they learn to socialize, overcome shyness, and gain confidence. Not having the opportunity to socialize may actually hinder a child’s social development.


Early childhood education will teach children to cooperate, such as sharing and taking turns. If children have not been socialized with other children or do not have siblings at home, this may be something new. In an environment surrounded by other children, they will learn these new habits and improve their cooperation skills. 


The value of respect for both people and belongings can be learned in an educational environment, where things are shared and manners are taught. Learning this quality at an early age is vital in helping them grow into socially healthy adults. 


Children have a huge zest for life at a young age, complete with wandering minds and the desire to explore new things. Early childhood education will teach children to listen, follow directions, and ultimately concentrate on tasks.

Holistic Development

Early childhood educators hold the building blocks for a child’s emotional, social, physical, and mental development by providing programs centered around a holistic approach. This will activate the entire brain as the children acquire new information. The learning environment plays a vital role in holistic development, so this is where the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children steps in. 

Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children

The Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children works to ensure a bright future for every child in our communities. Our programs and initiatives are designed to strengthen families and children, from birth to age five, in our communities. By providing resources and creating relationships with community partners, we are working to ensure a bright future for every child in our communities. Visit our website to learn more. 

A Bright Future for Every Child in Our Community