Make Learning Fun at Home

It can sometimes be hard to get your young one to stay focused and learn at home. With wild imaginations, vivacious personalities, and energetic bodies, 4- to 5-year-olds seek play time whenever possible. But that doesn’t mean learning at home can’t be fun too! Read along to discover how to make learning fun at home.

Hands-On Activities

Sitting at a desk and having limited mobility isn’t much fun for anyone. Focus on creative, hands-on activities to get your child’s wheels turning and their hands moving. Activities like these tend to have a playful feel, while still being educational. Use building blocks or similar items to teach your child about math, or draw pictures to create a storybook of your very own! 

Let Your Child Lead

If your child is interested in something in particular, such as zoo animals, let that pave the path of their learning. Perhaps they would like to learn about all the different species, what they eat, or where they came from. Read books about zoo animals, look up videos online, create animals out of clay… the possibilities are endless! Learning is much more fun for your child when they get to lead the way.

Enjoy Yourself

Children will have much more fun while learning if they see that you are having fun as well. Join in on the activities to show your child that learning is fun for all ages, and adults are still learning too! Jump on in and build blocks with your child or color some pages in the coloring book. They will most likely feel more inclined to learn if they are watching their parent learn right by their side.

Phonics Games

Reading is such an important lifelong skill. Learning the basics of phonics will prepare your child to be ready to read and spell. However, you don’t always have to sit still and read books! Play games with your child in which they search for things around the house that start with certain sounds, create alphabet books, or search for letters in your surroundings. 

Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children

Learning doesn’t always have to consist of sitting quietly at a desk. Keep these tips in mind when spending time with your child at home, and you will come to find that teaching and learning are much more fun activities than you may have thought! At the Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children, our programs and initiatives are designed to strengthen families and children birth through five in our communities. By providing resources and creating relationships with community partners, we are working to ensure a bright future for every child. Visit our website or contact us today!


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