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The most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching. Our staff is committed to supporting our children through professional development opportunities for early childhood educators, students, and community members. Our comprehensive list of trainings is outlined below. Please note that trainings are offered on a rotating basis, and we are continuously offering new trainings.

If a training does not appear on our calendar, it is not currently scheduled. For more information, including trainings in Spanish, please contact our Professional Development Coordinator at 252.758.8885.


DateTimeLocation/PlatformTitleDescriptionCostContact hours/CEUsRegistration
8/11/22 6:30PM-8:30PM ZoomGrief & Loss in Young Children: Helping Young ChildrenDeath and loss is a part of life that affects young children. The emotional pain of a child who has lost a loved one makes it tempting to avoid the subject or to try to distract the child. When a loss is not addressed appropriately by adults it may leave the child feeling confused or promote a feeling of distrust. While we would all like to shield children from grief, the reality is that they will all experience it at one time or another. This session will define most common times of grief and loss for young children, identify stages of grief, discover ways young children react behaviorally to grief and loss, and determine ways to support children through this process. (2 DCDEE contact hours)$10.002Register Now
8/23/226:30PM-8:30PM ZoomStaying On Track: The importance of schedules and routinesWhy are daily classroom routines and schedule so important in the daily lives of teachers and young
children? How does following a consistent daily schedule with embedded routines support the social
and emotional development of the children in your class? What can we do to help children ‘stay on
track’ as they move through a typical preschool day? Through this training, you will receive answers to
these questions and develop a deeper understanding of the role of schedules and routines in
supporting healthy social-emotional development for all children.
$10.002Register Now
8/25/226:30PM-8:30PM ZoomTriple P Seminar 1: Positive ParentingPractitioners introduce parents to the five key principles of positive parenting that form the basis of Triple P. These principles are:

• Ensuring a safe engaging environment.
• Creating a positive learning environment.
• Using assertive discipline.
• Having reasonable expectations.
• Looking after yourself as a parent
$10.001.5Register Now
8/30/226:30PM-8:30PM 111 Eastbrook Dr., Greenville, NC 27858Deep Breathing: A Connection to CalmThis course is geared towards informing, assessing, and providing strategies to support the skill of deep breathing and making the connection to help children learn how to calm. Participants will assess their own responses and reactions in relation to deep breathing by creating an environment that naturally promotes this crucial skill to early social-emotional development. They will learn about the importance of and evidence-based research on why breathing with children matters. This training will provide you with the understanding of your relationship with yourself, your children, and your teaching team/s.$10.002Register Now
9/13/226:30PM-8:30PM 111 Eastbrook Dr., Greenville, NC 27858Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs: Sickle Cell DiseaseThe Introduction to Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs was developed by the North Carolina Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center and covers information in general about the care of children with special health care needs, ADA inclusion requirements, required documentation, the role of Child Care Health Consultants and the importance of plans for handling medical emergencies at the child care facility. This introductory segment will be paired with a segment on Sickle Cell Disease by staff from the NC Sickle Cell Syndrome Program. The Sickle Cell portion of the training will cover 1. information on the program 2. what is sickle cell disease, trait, and inheritance qualities of each and 3. sickle cell disease management i.e. if child is in school, child care or home-symptoms to pay attention to and actions to take.$10.002Register Now
9/20/226:30PM-8:30PM ZoomAsthma Management With asthma on the rise, every child care provider should know about the disease. After this workshop, you will be able to provide children and families with asthma management techniques.$10.002Register Now

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