Our Quality Child Care Checklist

Using the following checklist adapted from Child Care Aware during your search for quality child care can help take some of the stress out of finding the perfect place for your little one. Take it with you when visiting child care facilities.

About the Caregivers

  • Does the caregiver get down on each child’s level to speak and interact with the child?
  • Are children greeted warmly when they arrive?
  • Are children’s needs quickly met, even when things get busy?
  • Do the caregivers have NC Child Care Credentials and/or other college coursework?
  • Are the caregivers trained in CPR and First Aid?
  • Are the caregivers involved in continuing education programs?
  • Does the program keep up with children’s changing interests?
  • Are the caregivers willing to answer your questions?
  • Will the caregivers tell you what your child is doing every day?
  • Are parents’ ideas welcomed and their involvement encouraged?
  • Do the caregivers enjoy working with children?
  • Does your child enjoy being with the caregivers?
  • Are there enough staff members to serve every child?
  • Are the caregivers experienced?

About the Setting

  • Is the atmosphere bright, pleasant, clean, and well-maintained?
  • Is there a safe outdoor play area with a variety of equipment?
  • Can the caregivers see the entire playground at all times?
  • Are there areas for resting, quiet play, and active play?
  • Is there enough space for children in each area?
  • Is the menu nutritionally balanced?
  • Does the food taste good?
  • What is the star rating of the child care facility?

About the Activities

  • Is there a daily balance of active and quiet play; and teacher-directed and child-directed experiences?
  • Are activities developmentally-appropriate for the age group?
  • Is there a variety of toys and learning materials for each child?
  • Are toys clean, safe, and within reach of children?
  • Is there TV time? How much?

In General

  • Do you agree with the discipline practices?
  • Do you hear the sounds of happy children?
  • Are children comforted when needed?
  • Is the program licensed?
  • Are parents welcome to visit at all times?

A Bright Future for Every Child in Our Community