The Importance of Early Childhood Activity

In recent decades, less emphasis has been put on physical development and more so on mental development. The introduction of physical activity into young children’s lives will create stepping stones for a love of moment and activity that they will carry throughout their lives. They will learn good habits early, increasing their chances of remaining active for a lifetime. Not only does it benefit children’s physical development, but their social, emotional, and mental development as well.


Young children naturally love to move around, run, and play on their own. However, there are many walls that children face that restrict the level of activity they can have on a day to day basis. If they enter daycare at a young age, they may or may not encourage physical activity as part of their daily activities. Technology is also a huge part of children’s lives these days; screen time can overtake playtime more than it should. Many children may also have parents that work outside of the home, so there is not an ample amount of time to devote to daily activity. 


There are countless benefits that come along with physical movement’s involvement in childhood education. Children will have better social and motor skill development, increased school readiness, reduced fat and lowered blood pressure, and increased learning capacity. They will build strength, self-confidence, and coordination as well as develop healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills. Their muscles, bones, and joints will develop quicker, too! 

There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your young child’s life at home. Play music and dance around, kick or throw a ball outside, practice stretching/yoga; the possibilities are endless. Get outside or crank up the music and get active with your child! 

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