The Importance of Socialization in Early Childhood

Socialization is tied to many other parts of your child’s development in their early years. It starts when your baby is born and continues into adulthood, shaping each of those stages of development all the while. Every single interaction your child has, no matter how big or how small, helps them learn language skills, cope with emotions, and work within social norms. 

As your child grows, they will begin to learn how to identify their thoughts and emotions. They will also recognize the feelings of others around them, being able to decipher whether a person is happy or sad. They will be learning how to manage stress, resolve conflict, and fit in by communicating with others in their surroundings. 


The family plays a huge role in a child’s very first lesson in socialization. It is the process whereby individuals become functioning members of a group and take on the shared values, behaviors, and beliefs of that group. This provides the structure of your child’s early experiences. They will be observing you for ways to handle each and every situation and every emotion they may feel. Children learn to trust as they watch family members handle happiness, difficult situations, celebrations, disagreements, etc. 


By socializing, your child will learn to foster empathy, improve language skills, discover the concepts of sharing and teamwork, grow more confident, and get better prepared for school. Practicing these concepts through socialization will help children create friendships and therefore learn how to respect others. 

Socialization is not just the typical definition we may usually think of: hanging out with friends and talking amongst each other. Children may be playing and talking with their friends, but it fosters so much more in their development. At first, it may be hard to let your little one go, but allowing them to bloom will prove to be beneficial for the remainder of their lives. 

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