Our Resource Rooms are currently operating via curbside pick-up only. Please call us for more information or email martinpitt@mppfc.org.

Parents as Teachers

We know that parenting is a huge responsibility and every parent wants the very best for their children.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was someone that could tell you exactly what to expect and when? What if you could ask someone to suggest activities and ideas to enhance your child’s development? How much of a relief would it be if you had someone you could ask about your worries and concerns?

Parents as Teachers does all of the above by offering parenting support, positive interactions and child development information through playgroups, home visits, group meetings and connections with additional community services. This program provides access to proven child development research and tips for enhancing a child’s intellectual growth, language development, motor skills, and social development.

For more information, contact us at 252-758-8885.

A Bright Future for Every Child in Our Community